A Heartfelt Donation: Save Lives with the Help of the Kings Daughters Auxiliary

In the mission to keep people healthy and provide necessary services during medical emergencies, hospitals play a crucial role. It brings us great pleasure to announce that the King’s Daughters Health Foundation and Auxiliary have generously donated 23 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to first responders and community organizations in Eastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.

AEDs are valuable medical devices capable of delivering an electrical shock to individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), a condition affecting over 350,000 Americans annually. Unfortunately, only around 10 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest cases result in survival.

Now in its fourth year, the AED donation program has been made possible through the sale of special Heart Month t-shirts to King’s Daughters team members and the community. Since 2020, over 100 AEDs have been donated.

Each kit includes a defibrillator, hard shell case, and a pediatric key, ensuring safe usage with infants and children. Deliveries to the recipient organizations have taken place over the past several weeks.

The King’s Daughters Health Foundation and Auxiliary are dedicated to supporting UK King’s Daughters in meeting the unique healthcare needs of patients and their families. They also provide vital programs and services to families and the communities they serve.

AEDs were awarded based on community need, particularly prioritizing first responders and the specific locations that benefit most.

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