Building Lawrence County Together

Office of the Judge / Executive

Collaboration on Policy Initiatives

The county judge often provides the vision and direction for the county’s future. By collaborating with the administration and elected officials, they can transform this vision into actionable policies, ensuring that the strategic goals are implemented effectively.

Budget Management and Allocation

The judge and administration work hand in hand to develop and approve the county’s budget. This involves determining funding priorities, ensuring that crucial services are maintained, and allocating resources to areas that need development or improvement.

Community Engagement & Feedback

Both the judge and administration actively engage with Lawrence County residents, gathering feedback and insights. This ensures that their decisions and policies closely align with the community’s needs, concerns, and aspirations.

Infrastructure & Development Planning

The county judge outlines priorities for infrastructure and growth. In partnership, the administration then handles detailed planning, coordination, and execution of these projects, ensuring Lawrence County’s continued growth and improved infrastructure.


Meet The County Judge and Staff

Phillip L. Carter

Judge / Executive
(606) 638-4102

Vince Doty

Deputy Judge / Executive
(606) 638-4102

Shawna Marcum

HR Officer / Payroll Clerk
(606) 638-4102

Matthew Blackburn

Finance Officer
(606) 638-4102

Joshua Puckett

(606) 638-9982

Meet The County Elected Officials

Michael Halcomb

Magistrate District 1
(606) 638-4102

John Scaggs

Magistrate District 2
(606) 638-4102

David Pinson

Magistrate District 3
(606) 638-4102

Rick Blackburn

Magistrate District 4
(606) 638-4102

Johnny Osborne

(606) 638-4051

Jodi L. Parsley

Circuit Court Clerk
(606) 638-4215

Chris Jobe

(606) 638-4108

Wesley Heston

(606) 638-4102

Roger Jordan

(606) 638-4312

Chris A. Rose

Property Valuation Administrator
(606) 638-4743

Chuck T. Jackson

(606) 638-4368

Cliff West

(606) 638-4102

Meet The County Management Team

Jessica Perry

Animal Control Officer
(606) 989-2010

Tamyra New

Community Center Manager
(606) 638-3615

Jill Jackson

E-911 Director
(606) 826-2905

Travis Hughes

Emergency Management Director
(606) 638-0334

Wes Colegrove

Judicial Center Building Manager
(606) 638-4215

Lilly Vinson

Museum Curator
(606) 826-2956

Gary Cantrell

Parks Manager
(606) 826-2961

Summer Mabry

Parks Office Manager
(606) 826-2961

Jobie Moore

Road Department Foreman
(606) 826-2958

Paul Walker

Solid Waste Coordinator
(606) 638-9600

Suzie New

The Cove Manager
(606) 865-2683

Wes Kingsmore

Tourism Director
(606) 638-0078

James Barnett

VFW Coordinator
(606) 638-0096

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