Accessibility Statement

We strive to ensure that our website is inclusive and accessible to all, adhering to WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliance standards. The UserWay widget, located at the bottom left of every page, aids in enhancing accessibility features. Should you encounter any accessibility challenges, please reach out to us.

Guidance for Users with Visual Impairments

  • Image Descriptions: Our site’s images come with alternative text (alt-text) to provide descriptions for those using assistive technologies. Ensure your browser supports this function for an optimized experience.
  • Document Formats: Our website hosts various document formats, curated to be user-friendly for those employing screen reading tools.
  • PDF Accessibility: We provide certain content in Adobe Acrobat PDF. For users with visual challenges, click here for free software from Adobe that facilitates the reading of PDF files.

If any page appears challenging when accessed with adaptive technology, please click here to bring it to our attention.

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